Z-anon-sensei Speaks #94

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“…she was afraid I was going to catch a virus from it.” Neal Stephenson

Deaths from Covid-19 in the US have risen to almost 2000 a day, with no signs of slowing down. In a dramatic response, Pretendident Thump has announced he will ban the Chinese-run internet application TikyTaky because… oh, come on, reasons aren’t important here. What’s important is distraction, which is a short form of the phrase “distant from the action”. Don’t give them time to think about the re-accelerating virus. The more Covid deaths, the better, from Thump’s point of view. Aren’t a lot of the deaths just black people, anyway? To Thump, black lives matter, but only in the negative, that is to say, as votes against him. The less the better. Just keep the news turkeys yakking about TikyTaky, and they won’t even pay attention to all those people dying. Maybe he’ll tweet tonight that TikyTaky carries viruses, or using the ‘opposite of everything’ cypher, he’ll say that it collects personal data unlike every other app and all the phone and internet services, not to even mention the NSS. Hell, he thinks, maybe I’ll be able to sell that data to TikyTaky, if they can’t collect it for themselves.

Having introduced the “delay the election” ^mythmeme over the last several days, Thump now encourages his supporters to rally around the idea of rejecting his inevitable loss in the polls. When they do, they will bring their guns. ^darkplan is keeping to its new, compressed schedule. But with 93 days remaining until the election, many things can still happen.

Z-anon-sensei says they will.

Nuff said.


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