Z-anon-sensei #92

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“I regard it as completely unimportant who in the party will vote and how, but it is extremely important who will count the votes and how.” Boris Bashanov

Z-anon-sensei says there isn’t a deep state. There are several. And they don’t always get along. It’s a mistake to think large entities like political parties or alphabet agencies are unified or completely manipulable by any single will. (Agencies, you might say, act based under the influence of multiple sources of agency, very much like human action is over-determined, in the Freudian sense, by multiple fears and desires both conscious and unconscious.) For this reason, it is especially important to get your guy into the inside of as many of those factions as possible. No matter how crazy your inside guy is.

So, how do you get your inside guy on the inside, no matter how crazy he is? Here’s how Thump does it, without finesse or panache or even a modicum of subtlety or legality.

Z-anon-sensei says don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of Thump’s enemies are ^risingtide. But it’s enemies of my enemies time, now, for the time being.

Faux News continues to promote the “election integrity” issue raised by Thump despite a complete lack of evidence that Democrats are intent on any kind of fraud at all. Exactly the opposite is true. All the “election integrity” ^mythmemes are preparatory and based on the “opposite of everything” cypher. When Faux News or Thump make a claim of fraud by Democrats, it’s a simple reversal of the truth. The truth is that Thump and the ^repos– the faction inside the Republican party who support Thump, and whose ultimate goal is to “repossess America” (a White Nationalist cypher for what more hardcore groups call “the boogaloo”)– are themselves busily rigging the election using voter suppression, disinformation, disenfranchisement, electronic hacking of voting machines, and “any means necessary” to be sure that the registered vote totals have no relationship to reality at all.

It’s quite brilliant, in fact. By getting Thump’s opponents to insist that they aren’t rigging the election, and that Thump must accept the results, the ^repos have got the Democrats boxing themselves in to accepting the results of the election even when Thump and the ^repos cheat like dogs to win. Such simple playground tactics (accuse the other guy of doing what you are doing) still work in the sandbox of American politics. Distracting the public, while the ^repos do the election rigging themselves. By any means necessary, including killing thousands of people of color via Covid-19. You know what they say about a fascist takeover?

It isn’t pretty.

Nuff said.


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