Z-anon-sensei Speaks #91

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“What reasonable man would like to be a city of demons…” Czeslaw Milosz

Z-anon-sensei says the idea that scientists are “rational” is, well, irrational, and not at all supported by the evidence. It’s a well-known fact that Isaac Newton— inventor of the calculus, describer of gravity, discoverer of the light spectrum and so many other scientific achievements— was also a lifetime devotee of a variety of mystical practices including but not limited to alchemy, numerology, and the decipherment of biblical codes in order to prophesy the end of the world. For reals.

Kekule’s dreams, Einstein’s intuitions, Tesla’s voices and visions: the list of scientific insights derived from irrational sources can go on and on. [And apparently Z-anon-sensei can go on and on, too. ed.] Scientists often describe their process of discovery as involving some extra-intellectual element which seems separate from the conscious thought of the scientist and which enables them to leap beyond the parameters of the current evidence to an overwhelming moment of ^deepsight.

Many people know the story of Jock Parsnip, who was an early American rocket scientist, founder of NASA’s JPL and an ordained ^darkpriest in the real-life, Aleister Crowley OTO. Well, as above, so below, and as in JPL, so in NSS. Several of the muckiest of the early muckety-mucks in the deeps of the deepest state were practitioners of the darker sides of the darker arts, stuck in the mucky rituals of OTO-style magick, despite their scientific talents, doctoral degrees, and high-level security clearances. Magickal cyphers, spells, and symbolism abound within all levels of the deep state as they do in NASA.

People are drawn to ritual magick for many reasons. Some genuinely believe that those practices can open up a window to ^deepsight, just as others believe that psychedelic drugs can do the same. For some it is simply the thrill of transgression and risk which combine like a speedball to a junky. Thieves can get addicted to their profession by a similar combination of adrenaline, endorphins, and the purely psychological satisfaction of fucking over your parents that children of psychopaths, themselves psychopathic, often display. Children of strict religious households are therefore especially easy targets for occult recruiters. Hurt people are often drawn to hurting others, and the childhood tormenting of toads and stray dogs can easily transfer to the ritual sacrifice of goats, lambs, and other animals. The promise of magickal powers is a great temptation to those who feel powerless— to the weak, in other words.

And to the strong? Magickal power is just the next step, they might think, in their appointed destiny, if they are megalomanic and deluded. Magick is just another tool in their arsenal to control the fools, if they are deluded but still rational. By any means necessary, as they say. If they believe in magick, then they believe they can control and use these otherworldly powers— a false self-confidence that dooms many. If they don’t believe, then they believe they can use the belief of others to control them in the way a con-man controls a mark. The false confidence of magical con-men (and women) in the unreality of their practices can doom them, as well.

Given the nature of its origins and its mission, ^zetateam naturally absorbed the function of analyzing information gleaned from all manner of esoteric means, including magics of all types. Its code designation is “UnInt” (intelligence derived from unknown sources)— a meta-category, drawing for its members some members of all the other categories: so that UnInt sources include HumInt (i.e. mediums and mystics, prophets, poets, possessed little girls, and the occasional evangelical whose speaking in tongues rises past the level of noise to some sort of meaning.), ElInt (such as the computer noise phenomenon discussed above, but also EVP and other, perhaps even more mysterious electronic phenomena.), and OsInt (the Hayseed College public measurement experiments, for example, where particular datapoints such as the occurrence of reported high temperatures, or police reports on abnormal behaviors during certain phases of the moon were statistically analyzed to discern meaningful patterns coincident with seemingly unrelated events.) Investigating groups involved with ritual magick is clearly in ^zetateam’s jurisdiction.

But ^zetateam’s investigations also include original research into fundamental particle physics and associated phenomenon— meaning basically everything. A new quark was discovered— not the charmed, or the strange, or even the top or bottom but the ^quirkyquark whose trajectories following high-energy particle collisions can only be called patterned but unpredictable. In this way, the movements of the ^quirkyquark are indistinguishable from the actions of sentient beings. Fringe physicists at the fringes of ^zetateam conjecture that the ^quirkyquark is indeed the elementary particle responsible for the existence of consciousness and free will, the fundamental particle of life. These possibilities have not been confirmed but cannot be rejected out of hand. More experimentation is needed. However, the classification level of all ^zetateam’s efforts has kept the existence of this new particle shrouded in mystery and hidden from the public.

Until now.

Nuff said.


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