Z-anon-sensei Speaks #86

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“They’re closer than you think, Robert.” Dan Brown

All forms of signals intelligence gathering involve two separate components: reception and analysis. In ^zetateam, the ‘receivers’ are human beings rather than electronic devices. On bare mountaintops, where other branches of SigInt might place antennae and microwave relay stations, ^zetateam places sages and seers, hermits and yogis. In shielded rooms where NSA would place collection servers and decoding processors, ^zetateam has tarot tables and Ouija boards, a bearded man sitting on a rug in the corner casting I Ching hexagrams with yarrow stalks. A scent of incense hangs in the air, despite elaborate air-filtration systems. Chanting and less identifiable noises emerge from under the doors of closed meeting rooms.

But don’t mistake science for magic. Like all other forms of input— electronic intercepts, visual recon, and even more direct modes of collection such as interrogation, torture, and Church confessional recordings— raw intelligence is just that, raw, and like raw food can be potentially dangerous. Data collected by ^zetateam’s admittedly unconventional methodologies must still be cooked by rigorous analysis before it can be digested and put to use by strategic planning and tactical operational divisions.

At the exact moment the earthquake struck North Carolina— the first in nearly a century— Annie Oakley-Huntington startled out of her trance. A sharp keening noise had begun emerging from her throat. The sound didn’t stop, even as she became aware of her surroundings. She was in a small conference room, which would not have been out of place in any corporate office suite in the country, though this room was three stories underground and shielded from all electromagnetic wavelengths and cosmic particles that might interfere with the delicate operations in process. She was sitting at the end of a long meeting table, a candle burning in front of her and a large video screen on the wall behind her. Her eyes were open but she seemed to have no control over her body. Her arms lay clench-fisted on the table in front of her, and she couldn’t move them. She couldn’t stop the coyote howl from coming out of her mouth. And she couldn’t say what she had just seen in the dream-vision of her trance. Medics rushed to her, attaching monitors and pulling an oxygen machine into place. Annie-O, as her friends called her, sometimes had difficulty breathing in the midst of trance, and ^zetateam had the precautions in place during her sessions. The mask muffled the yowling sound while slowly Annie came to herself.

She finally landed fully in her body and regained control of her limbs. She lifted a finger to signal the medics. Her vitals signs had slowed down enough for them to take off the oxygen mask. Tears were flowing from her eyes. “Send for the Director,” she said and refused to say anything more.

Z-anon-sensei says the trigger will be desperation. When Pretenditdent Thump realizes that ^darkpower is willing to throw him to the dogs, with no more respect than Hillary Clinton showed to Gaddafi, he will panic. In every scenario, his reaction at that point is one of the biggest unknowns.


That trigger moment may be coming soon than later.

Nuff said.


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