Z-anon-sensei Speaks #82

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“Every fraternity has a special grip, why not the Muscle Monkeys of Wakanda?” Kesey

Z-anon-sensei says the link between organized crime and the NSS traces back to the origins of the deep state following the 2nd World War. The natural affinity between secret societies as well as their overlapping jurisdictions and job descriptions made a connection between Cosa Nostra and No Such Agency inevitable. Various collaborations in the efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro in the late 50s are well-known history. The connections between gangsters and the CIA related to the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers are also public record. Gangsters can be very useful in the intelligence world. And vice versa. Sometimes, in fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.

Mobsters, on the whole, are as superstitious as sailors and baseball players. One infamous hitman from the Grambeeno clan would wear the same underwear every time he made a kill. And legend has it the one day he didn’t follow this pattern (his mother had stolen them to wash) was his last job. Capos, Dons, and enforcers all have their mystical leanings, sometimes religious, sometimes otherwise. This superstitious nature has allowed ^zetateam access to a great deal of information from within organized crime, since mobsters and their wives make frequent use of the services of psychics, astrologers, and tarot readers.

Radio Kellogg also has certain family connections of his own, due to the family feuds for which his investigative services are well known. Those sources have proven valuable time and again.

Don’t get the wrong idea. Portland is not a big mob town. The casinos in the region are mostly Indian run, and the state has its fingers in most of the gaming through the lottery system. Pot is legal here, and heroin and cocaine are not huge markets. The biker gangs control most of the meth market. So the big mob families don’t hold much of a financial stake in Portland, and instead use the city more in the way that elite Ivy league families use it (the two being sometimes so similar as to be identical). That is to say, the Ivy Leaguers send their black sheep children to Reed College, or up to Olympia in Washington, hiding them away from high society far out on the Left Coast. And for the crime families it’s about the same. Wannabe Dons, Ivans, and Diegos stay back East in Philly, New York, DC, or Miami, while the shall we kindly say less ambitious family members are shipped out to the Northwest to cool their heels and, hopefully, stay out of trouble.

Radio passed a truck full of mailboxes driving down Hawthorne Street. They are pulling up the mailboxes in Portland, Oregon. That’s what a little rebellion will get you. USPS is grabbing them down the valley in Eugene, too, just pulling them up off the streets. The less the better when it comes to mailboxes. It’s not like there is an election coming up which will create an unprecedented flood of mail-in ballots. But that wasn’t what Radio was looking into today. He had more pressing concerns than a far away election.

Radio had been able to gain access to the security cams for EkoLivin Villages, and he’d seen the man Xenon had brought up to her apartment, nearly two weeks ago now. A print-out of the man’s face lay on the passenger seat of his Prius next to him. Knit hat, sort of seamy-looking. Looked like a user. So Radio was on his way to see Pale Gianinny, one of his “family” connections, a small time drug dealer and long-time loser sent out to Portland for safe-keeping after he had pissed off Don Gianinny, his uncle and highest Capo of the Philly Gianinnys, a powerful South Jersey mob family. Pale was a fool who couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself, and that made him especially useful to Radio. Pale might have some idea who this guy was. The only real lead he had so far.

Pretendident Thump, himself, has been linked with organized crime since his casino days back in AC. He has structured his cabinet along the lines of a mafia family. His chief enforcer, AG Ary Burr is following Thump’s lead in promoting racial division by feeding into the ^mythmeme of white grievance. Racial hatred and white grievance are Thump’s key tools in causing enough social chaos to pull off the election scam. So Burr is attacking Yale University for discrimination— against white and Asian students. For reals. It’s the Black folks oppressing other races, his pseudo-legal team has written in their brief brief. This follows the opposite-of-everything cypher, accusing African-Americans of the kind of oppression that they actually suffer from. Victim-blaming writ onto a national scale. No, Burr is nobody’s wilting flower, despite his medical condition. He’s a born attack dog, and he’ll stay a loyal pit bull until the day he dies. And his role is crucial to the next few months of ^darkplan. He will attack Thump’s attackers, accuse Thump’s accusers, and defend Thump’s defenders— using all the resources of the United States DOI (Department of Injustice) at his disposal. Burr actually typed DOI on a memo the other day, it’s just one letter difference, anyway. Luckily, Blake Steele had caught the typo in time. That guy is proving to be useful. Burr is glad he connected Steele to the WhoreHouse, and he prays that Pretendident Thump will pay a little bit of attention to Steele. Steele, Burr thinks with approval, really has the magic touch.

Z-anon-sensei says when a TempSec appoints other TempSecs and there is no Congressional approval, then none of it is constitutional. DHS is now an organization completely independent of and outside the Constitution, above and beyond the law, like Thump himself. DHS is Pretendident Thump’s personal army in his war against America.

Remember a few weeks ago, when the Governor of Georgia went to war against his own citizens? He seems to be winning, with a record number of deaths from Covid-19 reported in the state yesterday. He has dropped his lawsuit against safety masks, because it just isn’t needed anymore. The ^mythmeme against masks has now infected enough of the population that ^darkpower doesn’t even need to use the law to keep Covid infections and deaths rising. There will be no relief from the epidemic before November.

Z-anon-sensei says a dangerous idea can lead to as many deaths as any disease. And when you put the two together…

Nuff said.


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