Z-anon-sensei Speaks #78

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“There is not only secrecy around these powers, there is mystery.” Gary Hart

Z-anon-sensei says there are secret plans within the government for every contingency the wargamers in each department can imagine during their regular war gaming sessions. And these are some imaginative folks, these wargamers. Rex84, the Raygun era plan to suspend the US constitution, institute martial law and create concentration camps— which was exposed to the public during the Iran/Contra hearings— is one example. Thump’s AG Ary Burr has been studying these plans carefully, looking for all possible legal options to provide cover for the machinations of ^darkplan as the next few months proceed. He has turned his attention to the mysterious, almost magickal powers embedded in secretive NSS spells known as PEADs. PEADs are Presidential Emergency Action Declarations. By reciting a PEAD enchantment, according to the ancient archives, the Pretendident can do pretty much whatever he wants, suspend the Constitution, round up his enemies, shoot someone on 5th Ave. You know, like that. At least that’s Burr’s interpretation, and he’s the AG so who can say different? Burr has begun drawing up a number of PEAD texts, for Thump to recite in case anything seems ready to interrupt his drive for absolute control of the country.

Z-anon-sensei says the predicted weather disasters are happening— lightning and fires in California; scorching, killing heat; fire tornadoes. Another hurricane on the way. These things don’t even seem that extreme anymore. It’s just another globally warming day at the end of the world. Thump’s regime will make no helpful response, of course. Why use the country’s money to protect the states, right? Or the people, for that matter. Just like the Covid— it’s the state’s job, certainly not Thump’s. And the worse the states handle it, the better for him.

Meanwhile, back at the WhoreHouse, Pretendident Thump has given up writing his own tweets, at least about half the time, and is letting Blake Steele write them for him. Only in the wee hours does he sneak onto Twitter to post his own misspelled and ungrammatical lies. It’s easier to let Steele do it for him, anyway, and the spelling is way better. Thump has actually gotten it into his head that he’s losing the election race, and he needs to at least pretend to be running for Pretendident. Steele told him he should say something to get women’s votes. Thump doesn’t really understand what he means (he actually asked “do women vote?”) but Steele said something about “suffer rage” and Thump does like to dole out a little suffering to women when he can. And he knows they suffer rage, nasty, really, he’s had plenty come his way, seen even more, like that Senator Barris, when she’s questioning someone. Remember that poor Britt Caveman Thump forced onto the Supreme Court? He suffered from rage, for sure. It’s all so confusing, but Steele said if Thump gives a pardon to some dead girl, it will be about suffer rage and so… whatever… Thump is all in with “whatever” these days. He’s feeling depressed and lackadaisical, though he doesn’t actually know that word, It’s just something Steele said. He misses his rallies more than anything. He wants to tell everybody the virus is over and hold a rally like he did in Tulsa, but that makes him remember that Hermie died, and that was bad PR, according to Steele. His brother, on the other hand, when he died it was good PR for some reason. Who knows? But somehow, he trusts Steele, though he hasn’t even met him in person yet. Ary and Ghoulie both say Steele has the magic touch. Anyway, Thump likes the name, “Steele, P.R.”. Sounds solid, to him. Like steal.

So Thump sends Steele a text telling him to tweet something about Barris again. “Make it meen,” Thump types. Blake Steele replies within two seconds with an Okay emoticon.

Even Thump knows what that means, Rager Stain told him, and it makes him like Steele even more. Thump can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Xenon came back into her body in the darkness. Seriously, it wasn’t like waking up at all. It was like landing, sort of a crash landing actually. Or maybe like falling out of a tree. Nothing seemed right. Had she been sleeping? It felt like she had been out for hours, or was it days? It took her a while to remember who she even was. She could feel herself breathing, but she couldn’t see anything. Where was she, anyway? Opening her eyes made no difference in the total darkness, so she closed them again. Breathe, girl, think. Then, the memories started to return. The cell. The door opening. A dude in a suit. Then it all flooded back at once. OMG! OMFG!


Nuff Said.


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