Z-anon-sensei Speaks #73

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“What may appear to you a group of bushes could well be a place where a leopard lurks.” Saadi of Shiraz

The internet and the set of communications platforms it has spawned are an ongoing battleground between ^darkpower and ^risingtide. Every new technology can become both a tool for control and a weapon of resistance. The livestream videos flooding social media have changed the relationship between enforcement agents and those they are attempting to control, revealing the immediacy of the urban warfare between police and protesters to millions of viewers. As TV coverage shaped perception of the Vietnam War, independent livestream media is shaping the perception of Thump’s war on America. It was the video of George Floyd’s murder by police that triggered the still ongoing unrest across the country. Z-anon-sensei says the streams are the only source of real facts on the ground, and are invaluable to anyone attempting to analyze the progressing situation.

Tonight Charlotte, NC and Hollywood, CA are among the many street theaters where the nightly drama is being acted out. And, of course, with the longest continuous run in the nation, Portland, OR, is presenting its 86th straight day and night of neighborhood conflict. Today the ^prowdboiz made a brief appearance downtown and got chased away by the now battle-hardened local BLM protesters. They had to be escorted out of downtown by their on-duty friends at PPB, after several incidences of fisticuffs. Afterward, the protesters partied to some dance music for awhile, celebrating while the sun set over the hometown they had defended, again, from invaders. Now, as the evening deepens into night, the protesters are marching through town, chanting in somewhat subdued tones, maybe tired from the earlier fighting or just stoned from the celebration.

Radio was back for another round at the protests. He had some hopes that Pettifogger might turn up, or he’d find something, anything that would give him a lead about Xenon. Truth was, despite the mental overload, he found the protest action compelling, addicting, even. The contusion on his leg from three nights before hadn’t really healed, and he was limping along, struggling to keep up with the fast-moving marchers. The cops were trying to hem the throng in, and Radio really hoped he didn’t have to run to get away. The chant rose up around him, “Out of your homes, and into the streets!”

One of the other streamers in the cluster of media people recognized Radio and offered a fist bump. The guy pointed down at Radio’s injured leg. “Dude, I wondered if you’d be back after you took that round the other night. Hey, I got the projectile, if you want it.” It was @anycanoewilldo, and sure enough from a velcroed nook in his black, many-pocketed combat vest he pulled a bright purple wooden bullet, the size of his thumb, with a hard rubber tip like a superball. In fact — as the story is told around late night dumpster fires after all the police have gone home to the suburbs— the ^goonies had run out of rubber bullets one night, and substituted actual superballs they bought during the day from a craft supply shop in town— multi-colored rainbow being the pre-dominant variety though orange and lime-green were also common. It had been a colorful night. Radio took the round from @anycanoewilldo and looked it over. “Thanks,” he said, feeling honestly a little awkward at the gesture and not knowing what else to say.

“Cool,” @anycanoewilldo didn’t have trouble finding things to say. “That was awesome with the ^prowdboiz, wasn’t it? I wasn’t sure if we could get the momentum going, but we did, and we broke their line.” “Yeah, cool,” Radio answered. He could feel this kid wanted something– oh, Xenon, it came to him. So Tippy Canoe here was interested in finding her, too, though apparently for different reasons than Radio. “I thought some shit might really go down,” the kid went on. “There were a couple a fights but they broke up pretty fast. I was behind the BLM van and didn’t catch much on camera. I heard one of the ^prowdboiz pulled a pistol. But when the Eugene antifa charged, the fascist’s shield wall broke and they ran off, dude.” @anycanoewilldo fist-pumped in the air, which jostled his camera and caused a ripple of vertigo to run through the internet.

“Oh, I got some clear video of that,” Radio wanted to get a little more from this kid. And he didn’t even need to bring her up himself.

“Hey, so dude, you were asking me if I knew that Xenon, right?” Radio was all ears. “Listen, I’ve been checking around a little, you know what I mean, ‘cause, well, you know, anyway, so this other dude told me he knew her, and said she was definitely not around. He said he knew her from the place he works out, I knew she worked out! Did I tell you about how she took that ^goonie down that one time?”

“Yeah, you did. Has that other guy seen her?”

“No, that’s the point!” @anycanoewilldo laughed in a way that made Radio feel kinda stupid. “Dude hadn’t seen her since that last night down at the federal building. And she hasn’t been into the dojo since then either.” @anycanoewilldo stopped walking and grabbed Radio’s arm. “She told me once she really loved her dojo, man. I think something’s wrong.” He was genuinely concerned, which Radio found touching. And perhaps useful.

“Yeah, man, I’m worried about her, too.” He decided to lie, despite the slight karmic load it meant taking on. “I was going meet up with Xenon, do some third-person stuff on camera, you know. Help her take her stream to the next level. It’s not like her to miss out on work.” Radio was guessing, but could tell he had him. Time to set the hook. “I think something has happened to her.”

@anycanoewilldo was a step ahead of him. “Dude, for sure. I think the ^goonies might of got her. Do you want to help me try to find her?”

“Yeah, I’ll help,” Radio answered. He felt a strong wave of relief and hope coming from @anycanoewilldo, and Radio, feeling a bit of relief himself, realized he had an assistant for the job at hand.

Nuff said.


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