Z-anon-sensei Speaks #70

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“There are ceremonies by which the youth are formed into guilds or lodges, and among the rites of initiation is one which is intended to infuse courage, intelligence, and other qualities into the novice.” Fraser

Oh, this feeling of power was like nothing Blake Steele had experienced before. He had only dropped the slightest hint, while prepping Thump for his opening speech. Given the emphasis on fear the ^repos are trying to instill in the public, Steele offered, wouldn’t it be great if the riots really exploded during the convention? Thump lit up with a smile. He considered for a moment, and then said, “That’s beautiful. Great idea. I’m glad I thought of it.” Steele kept his own smile in check as Thump went on, “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Let’s see if we can get things fired up on the streets again. Some burning buildings will look great on the screen behind me. I’ll get Stain on it right away. He can get this done.”

“Great idea, Mr. Pretendident,” Steele had said. “You’re the one.”

Now, just a few days later, two unarmed black men have been shot by police, one even killed. And, yes, the cities are burning again, and yes, the ^repos were using the footage as backdrop for their new mini-series, RNC.tv. Oh, that was power, not just to move men’s hearts but to drive action, to cause the world to change. Neither you, Simon, nor the 50 million. Real power, just as he had been promised.

And the polls were already starting to tick upward.

Z-anon-sensei says in republics and democratic societies, ^darkpower often struggles to maintain satisfactory degrees of control over the various branches of government. Therefore, ^darkpower seeks wherever possible to privatize any control mechanisms that might be constrained by governmental regulations or restrictions created by ^risingtide infiltration of legislatures and judiciary branches. Private and corporate prisons, mercenary soldiers, and unofficial police forces are less answerable to oversight and regulation than their government counterparts. Wherever ^darkpower holds sway, the distinctions between government, business, and organized crime blur, and all three work together toward their shared aims of profit and power.

In keeping with this pattern, one of the responses of the NSS to the setbacks of the mid-1970s was to move many of its more questionable functions into private entities such as corporations, banks, and workers’ unions, as well as even less regulated organizations such as mafia families and other criminal gangs, tongs, and posses. Rager Stain has pursued this latter policy for the Thump regime, establishing links in particular to white supremacist militias who will serve as the illegal enforcement arm of the planned takeover in November. Already, these groups are serving their function of ramping up violence in the run-up to the election, such as the killings last night in Kenosha, WI.

This process of privatization has also taken place in certain areas of military and intelligence research, which have been held back by the regulatory and oversight systems of the government. When MKULTRA was forced to close its laboratories and burn its files (not, as was publicized, because its efforts were unsuccessful, but rather because its methods were so repulsive to the general public) its research was not curtailed but rather re-located into several small private companies who could continue the experiments under conditions of industrial, rather than military, secrecy.

Nuff said.


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