Z-anon-sensei Speaks #65

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“He who binds to himself a joy does the winged life destroy…” William Blake

The immense corporate and NSS data-collection systems developed since the 2003 transition have opened up new options for influence that are now being exploited as part of the ^StoryLine Project. Linked with advances in AI, it is now possible to customize propaganda at the individual level, especially when so much content is being viewed by a single person from a phone or computer screen. Advertising started exploiting these new possibilities first, as usual. By correlating an ad with the specific consumer’s known sexual preferences— for example by using AI to insert red-heads into all of his advertisements— click-through rates and direct sales sky-rocketed. Individually designed and targeted advertising may be the greatest single advance in mind control since the invention of organized religion. But political uses of such a promising technology weren’t far behind. Going all the way back to its founder Edward Bernays, the advanced adepts of PR have known that advertising and propaganda were indistinguishable in technique and only differentiated by their ends— the one in the service of profit and the other of power. In a corporate government, those two ends will merge and finally be unified into one corporation, one religion, one government, over all.

Morale Operations: Group has suggested to the ^darkpower board that perfecting this system of individual influence is of the utmost importance. Once PR can effectively control individual thought, unity will be within reach. And ^darkpower will rule.

Z-anon-sensei says they have sources on the inside of ^darkpower, some of whom have sunk to the lowest, deepest degrees of that shadowy organization (^darkpower’s hierarchy, of course, works in reverse direction, downward, so that in the ^darkpower ranking system lowest is highest, falling is rising, being cast down is actually moving up, and so forth, such reversals being difficult to express, at times, in a language rooted so firmly in the “up is good” metaphor) and even the lowest of those low sources say they are feeling pretty good about things, right now, down there at the bottom of ^darkpower. ^darkplan is unfolding according to the high probability trajectories, and ^darkpower is currently confident that Pretendident Thump will be able to retain his position by one of the less drastic options. This will make the transition easier for them. The necessary elements are already being positioned to respond to the predictable uprisings if things go exactly right, according to ^darkplan.

Z-anon-sensei says, from the point of view of ^darkpower, things are really going down. And to them, that’s good.

Nuff said.


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