Z-anon-sensei Speaks #60

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“The question, ‘What is wealth?’ commands our prime consideration.” R. Buckminster Fuller

Z-anon-sensei says If you believe all the conspiracy theories, you are sure to be right about some of them. And if you believe in none of them, you are sure to be wrong about some.

In the past it was said that all roads lead to Rome. For conspiracy investigators of every persuasion, all the twisting dark paths of their research lead inexorably back to the killing of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. It would be fair to say that all modern American conspiracy theory began with the assassination of JFK. That murder set in motion the historic currents that have led to the present moment of ultimate crisis. You might say that the assassination of JFK pulled the cornerstone out of the edifice of America (a cornerstone laid and inscribed by Freemason agents of ^risingtide) and that the whole building has been sagging toward collapse ever since.

To prevent the absolute political catastrophe that would follow a revelation of the CIA and Mafia hit on JFK (with, necessarily, LBJ’s collusion), the Warren Commission was cobbled together for a quick and dirty cover up. Somehow— that is to say by the machinations of the previously mentioned Project Mockingbird— the Commission’s fantastical narrative was accepted unquestioningly by the press and therefore by most of the public. Even the incredible, physics-defying gymnastics of the ^magickbullet didn’t cause people to erupt into laughter at the theory Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, and Allen Dulles put forward. The press, doing the government’s work, was able to fool enough of the people, for a while. But it wasn’t quite good enough. Such a thin cover up couldn’t hold, and by the time Jim Garrison started causing trouble that had become obvious to the true conspirators, who were of course fully controlled by or under the influence of ^darkpower.

To counter the obvious truth which was beginning to emerge, the Kennedy conspirators used the “noise” methodology developed in MO:G, and created and publicized as many conspiracy theories about the assassination as possible, each more bizarre and impossible than the last, with the aim of covering the truth in such a thick layer of rotten red herrings that no one could stand the stink enough to get through to the bottom. And that second effort at coverup, along with the unfortunate but necessary cancellation of several dangerous individuals, has worked to mystify the public and at least blur the obvious fact that JFK was killed by a conspiracy including government, Mafia and corporate members. The same noise technique has been used more recently to cover up the 9/11 attacks, although that conspiracy conspicuously left out the il Cosa Nostra.

Since the Kennedy murder— that fiasco, that debacle, that nearly-perfect crime, that murder most foul— and its endlessly complicated coverup, conspiracy theories have accumulated and multiplied like the wildfires now spreading across the American west— predictable, unstoppable, and sad beyond measure.

And the proliferation of wild theories that began with the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination has provided an ideal smokescreen for the ongoing efforts of real live ongoing conspiracies.

Nuff said.

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