This mess in Congress is amusing but not really funny. The Chaos Caucus of Republicans are using different tactics to disrupt the selection of a House Speaker than the mob of Jan. 6 – so far – but their purpose is the same. They aim to gain power by disrupting the functioning of the US government. An extremist minority, just a tiny percent of the Congress, are accomplishing this insurrectionary act in public by manipulating poorly designed Congressional procedural rules.

I can enjoy seeing McCarthy squirm. And I can laugh at Gaetz and Bobert making asses of the elephant party. But I can’t forget they are actually attacking our democracy with their antics. I can hope some kind of good might come out of it all. Maybe this will weaken the fascist Republican Party. Heck, maybe this will be the death knell to our broken two-party system. Maybe, maybe not. But from the side this sure looks like the Chaos Caucus is getting exactly what they want. And that’s not going to be any good for our country.

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