What Do You Think A Good Piece of Music Looks Like?

What a lovely question! 
Thanks for asking, but
I guess I don’t really know. 
A good piece of music
might look like a landscape, or a lover’s body, 
or a still life of a grandmother’s windowsill.
It might look like a river rapid, a waterfall,
like a snake uncoiling, like a whip in the air.
It might look like jagged glass,
or clouds passing through a star-lit sky
or a black cat through an unlit alleyway.
No, I’m not sure what it looks like,
but i think it’s always in motion,
always fleeting, always passing
on to something else. 
Like smoke rising through a ray of light, 
or like a child’s breath 
when he steps outside
into the first snowy morning of his life.
Or something like that, anyway.
I don’t really know. I can only hope
I’ll recognize it when I see it.

(reply to a question on social media.)
Ken Zimmerman (2023)

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