Is Biden in hiding?

So, I noticed something odd in my scanning of this morning’s news. It’s Jan 2, a new year beginning, an election year, a tumultuous year already for America and the world. And yet, looking through all the major news websites, one name is notably missing. How strange that the name of the “most powerful person on Earth” — that is to say the President of the United States— is entirely absent from the New Year’s news. ABC highlights war in Ukraine, a plane crash in Japan, even the stabbing of a South Korean opposition leader. But not one mention of the President of the United States. CBS news, NBC… the same. Not one mention of Joe Biden. Only CNN has a small print link to an article about the Biden 2024 campaign. (Fox News, of course, has him all over their page, in the most negative possible way.) Yes, indeed, as 2024 begins, Joe Biden seems to be in hiding.

The reasons for this are not clear to me. Perhaps the South African accusations of genocide in the International Court of Justice has him nervous of arrest? Could the car crash close to him a few weeks ago have rattled his shaky nerves? Maybe old age has finally overcome him? Or is he simply so supremely disdainful that he simply disdains to show himself to the American people, whom he disdains?

Oh, I expect he’ll be trotted out soon enough, in some controlled environment, to read inanities and lies from a teleprompter. Otherwise, people like me will begin to notice his total absence from the news, and point it out on social media. They might start to wonder where America’s so-called leader is during such times as these. He’ll have to show his face soon enough. But what we are not likely to see is Joe Biden interacting in any real way with questions from reporters or, god forbid, any form of actual debate with political opponents, left or right. What we won’t see is what we need most: real leadership in an epoch of historical change.

Folks, Joe Biden is in hiding, likely for good reasons. And from here on the Side, I can’t help but wonder why. 


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