Are You Ready to Fight a War for Netanyahu?

You don’t think Netanyahu would try to suck Joe Biden into a really big war, do you? You don’t think Biden is a big enough fool to fall for it, do you? Or do you? Are you ready to fight a war for Netanyahu?

These two attacks seem aimed at provoking a regional war.

The attack on Lebanon was certainly an Israeli assassination, though the standing policy by IDF is to deny it. Hezbollah will predictably respond, expanding the war to Lebanon. 

The origin of the attack inside Iran is less clear. It used the horrific double-attack method— a second bomb timed to kill rescuers— which defines terrorism. (and which, coincidentally, was a pivotal atrocity in the Hunger Games movie series.) I don’t know if it was Israeli terrorism. But what matters more is how it will be interpreted by Iranian and other Arab leaders. They will almost certainly see it as an Israeli attack. And they will feel the need to respond. It will lead to more attacks on Israel, which will further inflame the region. And this will serve no one except Benjamin Netanyahu.

The analysts are in consensus about one thing: Netanyahu’s government is over as soon as peace comes. And the Bibi-monster is almost certainly bound for jail, then. For that reason, we can predictably see the desperate far-right Israeli prime minister trying to instigate and continue the slaughter in Gaza for as long as possible. Now the Netanyahu war-regime says the Gaza attacks will go on for the next full year. But that isn’t enough for the Bibi-monster. He knows that even genocidal Joe Biden won’t be able to support the ethnic cleansing of Gaza forever. Bibi-monster sees that the US must be drawn in further— not just by blasting a few little boats out of the Red Sea, but by attacking all of Israel’s enemies for him. The best thing for Netanyahu, perhaps the only thing that can keep him in power, is a full-blown war in the Middle East, with the US and our allies coming in to protect his regime and destroy his enemies. And it looks like Netanyahu is doing everything he can to get that war started.

The real danger is that Joe Biden might say yes to this war. He is a self-proclaimed Zionist, who calls the deaths of thousands of children in Gaza “the price of war.” His Zionist beliefs are apparently even stronger than his Catholic faith, given the Pope’s recent calls for peace, which Biden has ignored. It’s more than a little possible that Biden will consider a full-blown war in the Middle East both his duty as a Zionist and the only chance to secure his re-election in November. Of course, the opposite of both these nightmare-ideas is the real truth. In fact, if he wished to protect Israel, and to get re-elected, he would stand up to the right-wing Bibi-monster, stand up against the genocide in Gaza, and chart his own course toward peace. But it’s doubtful Biden has enough wit left to change his mind one wit, much less reverse course entirely. We will see when he finally emerges from hiding. It sounds like Biden has a January 6 speech planned. I seriously doubt that speech will be a call for peace. Or for any end to Netanyahu’s genocide in Gaza. But I’ll still be here on the side, watching the war grow while always hoping for peace.


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