Is Joe Going to War for Netanyahu?

So, Joe Biden has put America back in the assassination business. That’s a pretty risky business, I’d think, in a lot of ways.  As far as policy goes, though, it seems to me to be the perfect way to continue inflaming a region already on the brink of full-scale war. Especially as it piggy-backs on yesterday’s horrific bombing in Iran and Tuesday’s assassination by Israel of a Hamas leader in Lebanon. Especially in the middle of an ongoing genocide in Gaza. Yes, folks, it looks like Slow Joe is going all in with his “close friend” the far-right-wing-criminal-prime-minister of Israel, the butcher of Gaza, Benjamin Netanyahu. Joe is all in, all right— all in for war. How about you? Are you ready to go to war for Netanyahu? And are you really willing to vote for Genocide Joe?

From the Side, I just say “No!”

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